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Weddings - Corporate - Private - Fundraiser - Virtual

Acoustic - One Man Band - Party Band

Vancouver - Kamloops - Kelowna - & Beyond

Helping your events come alive through music while creating lifelong memories.

There is no event too big or too small. Whatever the occasion, wherever the location, I have your entertainment needs covered. My musical services include a modern version of the One Man Band, The Paul Filek Duo, and Ok Fun! Event and wedding band. Each performance is equipped with a sound system and ambient stage lighting


The modern day          one man band

In the style of Ed Sheeran

One Man. One Guitar. One Heck of a Good Time! Inspired by the amazing talents of Ed Sheeran I have created my own contemporary take on the ONE MAN BAND.  Without the use of any pre-recorded backing tracks I build a band live on stage for you using my Boss RC 300 loop pedal, my Kamloops, B.C. made Riversong Acoustic guitar, and my vocals.  A setup like this occupies very little space and can be used for any kind of event.  I'd say sit back and relax, but chances are you'll find yourself dancing, singing along and guessing what song I'm about to play next.

A unique, exciting, and memorable experience. Do you want the sound of a full band but have limited space and budget, or would you like to impress your clients with an elevated musical performance?  Then look no further. Providing a world-class performance for all occasions that will leave your guests wanting more. Featuring the current sounds of today, you will hear music from artists like Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5, Vance Joy, Chris Stapleton and Lee Brice. You can see the  complete list of songs that I cover on my songlist. Top 40 - Pop/Country


Paul Filek Duo

Double the people, double the fun

Double the people, double the fun! If the Modern Day One Man Band isn't enough add a bass player ( or drummer/or guitar player ) to the the mix and you've got yourself the Paul Filek Duo.  Bigger sound, a band feel, and a lot of fun.  Taking up just a fraction of the space and cost of a party band means you'll have more money in your pocket without sacrificing that concert energy and vibe.  Focusing on current songs in the genres of Top 40 + Pop + Pop Country + Alt Rock.  You will hear music from artists like :  Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5, Vance Joy, Chris Stapleton, Calvin Harris, Lee Brice.

Lonny Eagleton And Paul Filek holding acoustic guitars. Paul is Pointing and looking towards the camera and smiling. Lonny is looking down towards the floor with his beautiful long curly hair

Event and Wedding band

The 90's to Now! The best part about music is that the same song can speak to a thousand different people in a thousand different ways. At Ok!Fun!, our goal is to make every experience the same : FUN! From the moment the first beat drops until the final note has been sung, you can't help but feel the band's infectious energy.  Take a three hour journey into our world of music from the  90's TO NOW  focusing on current Top 40 + Pop/Country.  With top trending songs from artists like Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, Lee Brice and many more, you won't be able to resist the urge to dance.

Promotional photo of Ok Fun event and wedding band members. The group is holding Phil Bells leg and pretending it is a guitar.

Virtual Concerts

Private - Interactive - Fun

It's 2021, so why go to the party?  Let the party come to you! I am offering an interactive video concert from my home to yours.  I am available to perform for you for up to 3 hours via Zoom video conferencing. Have you ever wanted to watch a concert where you picked all of the songs and sang along the whole time?!  That's what you get with one of my virtual performances.  There are over 150 songs to choose from, and if you don't see your favorite song I can learn it (for a small fee).  You pick the songs, I play them. What are you waiting for? Let's book your private virtual concert today.

Starting at $150


Virtual Concerts

How Does it Work?

  1. Fill out the information in the question form provided.
  2. Check out the song list and select the songs you would like to hear. (Approximately 6-8 songs per half hour)
  3. Use the zoom link I provide to you to invite your friends
  4. Sing along as though no one is watching

Virtual Concerts

Additional Song Requests

Your favourite songs isnt on my song list? For a small learning fee of $50 I will learn any song your heart desires.

Virtual Concerts

Time Zone

My home is in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia, where I perform in PST (Pacific Standard Time).  Regardless of your time zone, and regardless of what time it is for me, I'll try to accommodate your start time as best as I can.