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Paul Filek logo. Paul Filek's name is written  in script. At the end of Paul the "L" turns into a guitar shape

Paul Filek is a Vancouver based Entertainer who specializes in Upbeat, Energetic and fun live music performances. Whether in local Pubs, high end lounges, or at private events Paul gives his 'all' at every show.

There are many layers to what he does. Let's quickly pull those layers back.


Paul is a :


Original Music Artist

who has Performed across Canada and who has album sales of close to 10,000 units sold.


A Cover Song Artist

who performs almost nightly in the Vancouver Area as a "Modern Day One Man Band", or as the Paul Filek Duo. Acoustically performing covers in the Style of Ed Sheeran  


OK!FUN! Event and Wedding Band.

An Epic Dance band created in 2020 to offer something exciting and new to the Vancouver Music Scene. 90s to Now, Top 40, Pop/Country.



Promotional Poster of Paul Filek standing in the middle of Burrard street and West Georgia st in Vancouver BC. Paul is in a blue suit and leaning against his Taylor 414CE taylor Guitar
Promotional photo for Vancouver Based Cover Band OK FUN. There are five gentleman in trendy suits standing in front of the swanaset Bay resorts main ball room window.
Promotional Photo of Paul Filek that reads "Duo, Solo, Acoustic, One Man Band" Paul is sitting on a chair holding his baby taylor guitar in front of him facing the camera, while his face looks to your left

Paul Filek - Original Music

Paul Filek - Cover Song Artist

OK!FUN! Event and Wedding Band.


Paul Filek Is A Canadian Singer Songwriter From Kamloops, Bc Who's Released Three Albums Since 2006 With Producer Henry Small (Formerly Of The Band Prism) And in 2012 a Five Song Ep, Paper Planes And Spare Change, Produced By Jeff Dawson (Daniel Powter).Paul plans to release a self-produced album in 2022. Stay tuned for more information.

After more than 17 years of live performances, Paul knows how to start a party. Ideal for pubs, smaller weddings, and private events. A contemporary take on the One Man Band concept, acoustic concerts, or duos

Past are the Days of the YMCA's! Your parents don't really want to dance to music like that and neither do you! A cover band like this would never do that. The music industry releases hundreds of songs every year, but most cover bands perform the same songs over and over again. Not us. Let's keep it fun, fresh, and entertaining! A real band playing real instruments without the aid of backing tracks. With a focus on today's sounds, the band will perform songs from the 90s to now, including music from Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, Lee Brice and others.

Promotional Photo of Paul Filek sitting on a chair with his guitar in a large room with big windows and a large staircase.
The poster reads 
"One Man Band,
One Man, One Guitar, One Heck of a Good time"
Promotional Photo of Paul Filek standing in Jack Poole Plaza in front of the Pixelated Orca Whale Statue. The poster reads "Virtual Concerts, Private Parties, Corporate Events"