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Book Now!

Get ready to immerse yourself in a thrilling musical experience by discovering my upcoming live music events and performance dates in Vancouver and beyond.  

As an experienced musician and performer, I strive to deliver the best possible performance to my audiences, and my concert schedule is designed to provide ample opportunities for music lovers to join me in my musical journey.

Keeping track of my upcoming events and gigs is easy - simply check my calendar regularly, and you won't miss any of my live performances.  I perform at a variety of venues, ranging from intimate gatherings to large-scale productions, and I'm well-equipped to handle any event.  From private backyard parties to corporate events and concerts at your favorite music venue, I bring my unique sound and style to every performance.


But that's not all! If you have a particular venue or city in mind that you'd like me to perform at, don't hesitate to contact me and let me know.  As a versatile and adaptive artist, I'm always looking for new opportunities to showcase my music and connect with my fans.  I welcome all kinds of suggestions and requests, and I'll work with you to create a unique and memorable musical experience that meets your needs and preferences.


In short, my calendar is the go-to source for all the latest updates on my upcoming shows.  So, whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to my music, join me for an unforgettable night of live music and entertainment.


Check out my calendar today, and let's create some magical musical moments together.  See you at the show!