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Paul Filek logo. Paul Filek's name is written  in script. At the end of Paul the "L" turns into a guitar shape

Original Music



Vancouver, BC



Available FEB 24 - 2023 everywhere music is sold

I have exciting news!

       It has almost been 11 years to the day since I last released or recorded any original music.  I am super happy to announce that in two weeks time (February 24 -2023) my song "COME OVER" will be released for the world to hear.   (Available anywhere you stream or buy music)  This is just a small start in my long journey of being a musician.

       When I left Kamloops in 2008 I had so much confidence and fire under my thick skull.  I mean, how could I not.  I feel like I had the support of 80,000 people rooting me on every step of the way!  Slowly, as I entered the Vancouver market my confidence declined.  I had met so many amazing musicians, and being in such a large city, it was hard not to compare myself and my music to others.  Plus, it was really hard to get people to support me like they had in my hometown.  I learned quickly that if I wanted to continue my journey playing music in the big city I had to start learning cover songs.

       Time passed, and suddenly I was only doing cover music.  But, as a result of this my skills started to improved and my confidence started to rise.  I found myself in such a wonderful position, blessed by daily phone calls and email to perform music for peoples weddings, anniversaries, birthdays.  To entertain guests at corporate events and to live a life full of music and joy.  However, This all came at a cost to me as music turned into a somewhat thankless underappreciated job.  I started to lose some of the passion that I once had, and I was sadly accepting the fact that I would no longer perform or write original music.  

       Thankfully, Covid came.  Not the disease, not the countless number of deaths and heartache.. but thankful that the covid lockdown happened.  At first, I thought this would be the end of my music journey.  But an amazing thing happened.  I found myself sitting in front of my computer with nothing to do.  I didn't have to practice cover songs or prepare for someone else's special day.  I found myself sitting in front of my computer every day trying my best to learn how to record music from home.   At first, I was all over youtube trying to learn how to record.  Then I found myself taking two classes. One with Ryan Tedder from One Republic and the other with Charlie Puth.   And just like that BAM! I found inspiration again.

       The covid lockdown gave my soul a break.  It let me recharge.  It let me recalculate my own worth and it started to get me excited again about music.  It let me play music for me, not for anyone or anything.  It just brought me back to the days of when I first started playing.  So, long story short.  I still have no idea what I am doing but everyday I learn something new and I have started writing music again.  I have started to produce and record these songs from the comfort of my own home and on FEB 24, 2023 I get to share the first of many with you all.

      Thank you for listening, thank you for supporting, and thank you for helping a boy from Kamloops live his dream as a musician.

With Peace And Love


Paul Filek

I released my first album in 2006.  After that, music became my drug of choice.  I traveled across Western Canada performing, writing, and releasing new music which eventually brought me to Vancouver, British Columbia in 2010.

You can now hear my collection of music almost anywhere music is sold or streamed, including Spotify, iTunes, and Youtube.

1) Honest songs from a Dishonest Heart

2) Good to Meet you

3) Elephant Shoes

4) Paper Planes (And spare Change)

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I am currently working on my ever first self-produced collection of songs, and the first release of new music since 2012!

As a result of the Covid 'break,' I was able to step back from live performances and start learning the craft of recording music from home.  It is amazing how technology has changed since I started recording music in the early 2000s. Having the ability to be creative and productive without having to leave the comforts of your home is very exciting!

Please keep checking this page for updates on the release of new music, or join me on any of the following social media sites: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.

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